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About Us

  • Who we are:

Animal Diaries Pet care & Training is woman founded, and evolved into a family run business.

Our family team is composed of:

  • Owner and founder: Isabel (AKA The Purrfessional Hoof & Woof Whisperer)
  • Co-Owner/Partner/Operator: Marc (AKA The Pack Master & Daycare Leader)
  • Helper/Apprentice/& Son: Ollin (The Fetch Boss)
  • Floor Manager/& Family Dog: Watson
  • Pest Control/Observer/& Family Cat: Lyran

  • What we are:

We are a tight knit, family pack, working to provide superior, personalized care for our clients. We offer alternative pet care services, over the standard kenneling route, and other “stereotypical” animal care options.

Our main services are conducted from our headquarters, which is our home. This allows us to spend the most amount of time possible with your pets and make sure they are always well cared for.

  • Services we offer:
  • Dog & Cat Boarding
  • Doggo Daycare & Enrichment
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Board & Train
  • Drop In Visits (For all Animal Types in your home/residence/private farm)
  • Dog Walking
  • High Intensity Dog Walks & Cardio sessions (great for energetic breeds or to build stamina/endurance)
  • Structured/Training Dog Walks (Great for Puppies & reactive dogs)
  • Dog & Cat Transportation
  • Nail Trims & Claw Capping
  • Dog & Cat Bathing
  • Dog Brush Outs
  • Private Farm Care for Horses & Livestock
  • Horse Care/turn out/exercising/conditioning
  • Care for Fish/Birds/Small Mammals/Rodents/Reptiles & Exotics

  • Who we serve:

Our main services of Boarding and Daycare are best reserved for the family dog or pet. The types of dogs/cats that stay by your side through thick and thin. The pets that remain loyal through tantrum prone toddlers, the alarm clock sounding, the delivery guy leaving packages at the door, etc.

The types of pets that wag their tails, and purr, at the notion of curling up for a family movie night.

We help create your pets story, and share in their “TALE”, by welcoming them to be a part of our family while you are away.

Muddy paws, and naps on the couch are accepted too!

Our furry friends that come for a stay at our HQ residence, must be friendly with other dogs, cats, and children.

If your pet does not fit into this criteria, do not fret! We can come to you for out-call services/drop-ins, and training. We know that every pet has a past, a story, and a tale that has brought them to where they are in their journey today. We are happy to come to you in the environment your pet knows, and is already comfortable with. Whether it be tending to their basic care needs, or working towards a specific goal; We provide your pet with a dedicated presence, familiar faces, and a nurturing care style!


  • Why choose us?

Animal Diaries Pet Care & Training was originally established in 2013. Though we started small; we are continuously growing, expanding, and evolving! Isabel, the founder not only has a lifetime of personal animal care and training experience, but we have 20 years of Professional experience all together.

When you choose us for care, or training services, we commit to you and your pet by sharing in your pets “tale” for life!

Creating new stories and experiences for your animal. Whether you choose our services short term, or long-term; We are dedicated to making your pet a part of our family! Our goal is to love them and tend to them the way you would! Another way we continue to go and above and beyond is by partaking in continuing education programs, workshops, seminars, and certifications. This way we are able to stay current and up-to-date on new knowledge and information as it becomes available. Allowing us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing top notch, quality care. We are a great choice to the alternative over conventional boarding, kennels, and daycare programs that oftentimes have 25+ animals. Kennels tend to be more prone to contamination which can put your pets health at risk. We utilize thorough sanitation and cleaning practices daily. We are also backed and covered by insurance; and are Certified in Dog/Cat CPR & 1st aid. Safety is always our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure a safe stay for your pet.

If bringing your pet to us is not an ideal option for you; our outcall services are another great alternative, to ensure your pet receives the personalized care they deserve.

Regardless of the service you choose, we familiarize ourselves with your pet in every way possible. From learning their personality traits, quirks, and care style, we take great pride in remembering even the smallest of details.

Our puppies love Isabel. She has become a guardian angel for our furry babies. We travel often and use her services each and every time. Without her caring spirit and love for our dogs, we wouldn’t be able to travel the way we do.”

-Narineh G.

Isabel is just amazing. My cat Lucy doesn’t usually warm up to strangers but I think from Lucy and other reviews, it just speaks to Isabel’s character and skill as a pet sitter and owner. She made sure to check with me and keep me updated throughout her time with Lucy and I’m so glad I was able to come across her services as Lucy has medical needs. I can’t think of anyone better to look after my furry friend!

Aleksandra T.


Isabel is a dream! After a year of sitting at home, we got to travel to see family. Isabel was amazing! She sent adorable pics, took care of our mail, and even a fish as she took excellent care of our two little cats. We are so grateful!

Rachel S.


Pet Care & Dog Walking Services

Animal Diaries & Pet Care provides excellent pet care and dog walking services complete with written updates and photos so you can be sure your pet is happy and well taken care of.